How to Adopt my Hand Made Teddy Bears:

If you see teddy bears posted in the adopting area, it means the bears are available for adoption. The best way to place an order is through email. My email address is If you see a bear you like, please don’t hesitate to email me because most of the time the bears are one of a kind and I may not have the same material to make another exactly the same.  First come, first served.

I have a PayPal account for easy, convenient payment.  Once you confirm your order, I will send a money request letter from PayPal.  You can either pay from your PayPal account or by a credit card.  I also accept U.S.A. bank checks.  All payments will be in U.S. dollars.  After your PayPal payment is received or your check has cleared, I will promptly ship your bear.

All the bears are sold at the price listed, plus the shipping and handling fees.  The shipping and handling fees will vary depending on the destination and the method of shipment you may request.

If you are in America, I will ship the bear by UPS. Once I ship the bear, I will email you the tracking number so that you will know when to expect the delivery of your bear.  If you are outside of the United States, I will ship through the US post office and you should receive your bear within two weeks.

People in Taiwan will receive the bear through my sister.  She will contact you and mail the bear to you when she receives the bear from me.

All special orders and custom made bears require 50% deposit when ordering.